dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Tuesday, October 2

Hi everybody,
It has been a while, but we have had a lovely holiday in Scotland, the Highlands!
We have been driving every day, and the wee one (21 months) loved the country, and especially the food (toast and cereal).
It has been a busy time, so I didn't have time for my crochet...
Here a few pictures from some more baby hats I made:
After the pictures of the first baby hats (see my first blog), I got some requests for other baby hats.
The first two are made for two sisters, the first one is a hat for a girl about 3 years old, the second for a girl of 1.
I made them with coton yarn, here in The Netherland we love to use coton for little ones.
This hat followed very quickly after:
A little hat for a newborn!
This is also made from coton.
I almost never use a pattern, I try and try and see if I like it ;).
Got to go now, I still have a lot of ironing to do after the holiday.
Bye for now!

maandag 27 augustus 2012

Monday, August 27

So, this will be my new blog, and now in English...

Since a few months I have my own blog, freubelheukske.blogspot.com, but in Dutch, and I noticed that there are a lot of people visiting my website, who don't speak Dutch, so I decided to make a new blog, in English.

First of all, excuse my bad English..

Me learning how to crochet, it all started almost 2 years ago...
One of our foster children was going home to her parents (that is always good news!), and I had a lot of freetime left...
What to do with this?
I know how to knit (and quite good), but wasn't in the least interested in knitting anything, so I started to google in how to crochet.

After a few nice youtube-movies, I decided to start with a closed granny square blanket (yes, I know now, that could take a while).

Here is how far I am now:

When I'm finished, it should be around 1.40 by 2.00 meters... at this point 2/3 is done...

These are my favourite colours, and it is easy to crochet, but it takes a while... especially for a beginner..

Some months ago I decided to put this blanket aside (but not forget it!), and start something else...

This was the result:

I started with the pink one, then the purple, and at last the green one.

And the best part is: this is not the last of it!
In my next blog I show you my other creations!
Have a nice day!