maandag 25 maart 2013

Monday, March 25

As you could read in my blog the other week, I started making little dresses.
They are quite a handful, but the results are great!
Here a few other dresses I made last year:
For the dress I used tricot fabric, and again, my Mom did the sewing...
The back of the dress:

And a detailed picture:
The dress which follows, I already sold..*smile*...
Details from back and front:
I have to admit, crocheting the top of these dresses is a lot of work.
I had to start over and over again, looking at samples I had from other (shop-bought) dresses, and hoping the end-results are to my liking...
And yes, I am very happy with the results, but at the moment I don't have the courage to start on a new dress...

vrijdag 22 maart 2013

Friday, March 22 (addition)

I forgot one picture, a detailed photo of the skirt, so you can see the pattern and also the great colours!

Friday, March 22

After a very busy period, without any crochet at all, I'm getting motivated more and more!
For our Little Lady I wanted to make a nice dress, and I started, without a pattern.
I used a mixed yarn, 100% cotton, and started with the top:

I have to say that the sewing is not my work, but my Mom's, thank you, Mom!
It took a lot of time and patience to figure out how to create this, and also start over and over again...
Only a top, and I like sets, so I started with a skirt, very easy, just increase the total of stitches in every row.
The result:

The end-result:
I Love It!
The colours, the pattern, it all worked out! 
I am so sorry I don't have any patterns for you, I could try in Dutch, but to explain this in English would be quite difficult for me.
If you would really want to have a pattern, email me, and I try in my best English...
Have a nice weekend!

dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Tuesday, March 12

Spring is in the air!
Well, not here at the moment, because it's still snowing outside, but I'm making sure our house is in Spring Mood!
Because of Easter, I chose soft colours, combined with yellow, and this is the result:
For the two round vases, I used a pattern of Lucy, from Attic24.
I have to confess, I love Lucy and her beautiful crochet patterns!
The pattern is easy to make, and you can chose all the colours you like.
The vases are from Ikea :).
The following is my favourite, because I love roses...
Only 2,5 weeks til Easter, I can't wait!
Have a nice day!